Second Round Western Conference Predictions


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Predictions by Dylan Devine

Los Angeles Lakers (1) vs. Houston Rockets (4)

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I’m going to keep this one semi short and simple. Houston didn’t play too great in the first round. They went seven games with a team who had an I believe .2% chance of making the playoffs this year. Don’t get me wrong, OKC has a great group of guys, but for the four seed Rockets to really struggle against them the way they did doesn’t leave me too confident in them going into the second round. I’m taking the Lakers. Los Angeles in six. – Dylan

Los Angeles Clippers (2) vs. Denver Nuggets (3)

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Holy moly was Jamaal Murray something else in the first round. He is one of four players to ever score 50 points multiple times in a playoff series. The Nuggets came out of a tough first round series against the Utah Jazz in seven games. The Clippers on the other hand defeated the Dallas Mavericks in six games. The story of that series for the Clippers was how bad Paul George was playing. If George doesn’t step up in the second round there is going to be problems for L.A. I’m going to get straight to my prediction now because it’s going to be a hot take. I am taking Denver in this series in seven games. I believe if Murray plays the way he played in the first round alongside Jokic playing the way he has played, they have a real chance at coming out of this series. Nuggets in seven. – Dylan

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