Understanding Professional Wrestling


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Article written by Dylan Devine (7/31/20)

Professional wrestling is one of the most interesting sports/professions out there. It is men and women kayfabe fighting each other in wrestling gear. Professional wrestling is staged. They come up with storylines for the wrestlers to be put in where there is a story being told between two wrestlers. The winners and losers are pre determined by backstage personnel and writers, but the things in the ring are real to an extent. The bumps they take in the ring are real. It hurts. When they jump off a ten foot ladder on top of another wrestler who is on top of a table, that hurts. When a 285 pound 6’3 Brock Lesnar suplexes you across the ring, that hurts. In the WWE there is two separate brands. Raw and SmackDown. Both brands have their own championships. Raw has the WWE Championship and SmackDown has the Universal Championship which is the main event title which means the most popular or best wrestlers go for that title, the United States Championship and Intercontinental Championship which is a mid card championship for wrestlers who aren’t quite yet at the top, then there’s the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships which is for tag teams. A tag team is a team of two wrestlers who are forming a partnership and will wrestle alongside each other. There is also two separate main titles for the women’s wrestlers and tag team titles for the women as well. WWE puts on three separate shows a week. Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown, and NXT which is the brand where younger wrestlers go to to develop into main roster wrestlers. NXT just so happens to have the best wrestling out of the three brands. Every month there is something called a paper-view that they put on. It’s a big show they do once a month with a different name and theme where all of the storylines and feuds going on at the time reach their climax. The biggest every year is called WrestleMania which is wrestling’s version of the Super Bowl. They usually fill up stadiums with more than 75,000 fans while Raw, SmackDown, and regular PPV’s see between 10,000-15,000 fans. There are many different types of matches. Some examples are a regular singles match, tag team match, ladders match, tables match, falls count anywhere match, and an extreme rules/no DQ match which is where there are no rules and you can use weapons. Each wrestler gets a gimmick which is basically their character and who they are as a wrestler. They all get their own unique entrance music, entrance video, and wrestling gear. It is all different and unique in it’s own way. I like to call it a sports soap opera as there are a variety of different stories being told every single week on all the different shows. The main company is WWE, but there are many different wrestling companies/brands with All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and Impact Wrestling being the most well known. There are so many different options for good wrestling out there aside from just the WWE and that’s what is so great about wrestling in 2020. The amount of variety there is for fans to choose from and enjoy. A lot of people choose to not watch professional wrestling and talk down on wrestling fans because it is “fake” but yet watch fake movies, fake TV shows, and fake YouTube videos. So what’s the difference? Let people enjoy what they want to enjoy. It is not your concern or problem what other people enjoy or are passionate about.

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