Snyder Cut Mystery Cameo


Article written by Dylan Devine (2/26/21)

We are just a few weeks out from the release of the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Zack Snyder has teased that there will be a hero cameo at the end of the film that will “blow hard core fans’ minds”. In this article I am going to dive into who this mystery cameo could possibly be.

Martian Manhunter

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Growing up I was a huge fan of the animated TV show, ‘Justice League Unlimited’. Martian Manhunter was one of my favorite characters on the show. The Martian Manhunter is a founding member of the Justice League so it would definitely make sense to have him appear in this film possibly teasing future projects with him involved. The thing with Martian Manhunter being the hyped up cameo that will ‘blow fans’ minds’ would not really be THAT mind-blowing. A lot of fans even expect him to be appearing in the Snyder Cut as Zack Snyder has stated in the past that he was in story boards for Snyder’s original vision of the film, so I don’t think that the hardcore fans would be shocked. Nonetheless I would absolutely love to see Martian Manhunter appear on the big screen.

Green Lantern

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The early speculation was that Green Lantern will be the mystery cameo. Ryan Reynolds, who played Green Lantern in the TERRIBLE 2011 Green Lantern movie debunked this rumor very quickly. So unless we are getting another version of Green Lantern, it likely will not be him. My personal opinion is that we will definitely not be seeing Reynolds version of Green Lantern, but we could see the John Stewart Green Lantern in live action for the first time. My fan casting for that character would definitely have to be John David Washington. Why do I think it could be John Stewart? Because HBO Max is set to begin filming a Green Lantern series in April. If Zack Snyder reshot this cameo, I think it would be a perfect setup to get fans excited for that series.

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