Snyder Cut Thoughts



Article written by Dylan Devine (3/19/21)


Rating : 8.7/10

I am so happy for Zack Snyder and his team. The Snyder Cut definitely lived up to all of the hype. It did start off a bit slow and I am hearing that from a lot of people, but when it picked up it didn’t slow down again. This is without a doubt the DCEU’s best live action film to date. There is a part of me that believes that the Snyder Cut is more for hardcore DC/comic book fans rather than just a casual movie goer because there is a lot to take in. I loved it so much that I can’t even put it all into words and do a proper review of it. So I will be giving some of my main thoughts on the film below.

Ben Affleck is the perfect Batman

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I am a huge Batman fan and Christian Bale has always been my favorite Batman, but after watching the Snyder Cut I must admit that my opinion has changed. Ben Affleck is officially my favorite Batman. I am not saying he is the best Batman, but he’s definitely my favorite. There were multiple scenes in the movie that had me think “That’s my Batman”. One scene specifically is where Flash says to Bruce “What are your powers again?” and Bruce replied “I’m rich”. THAT IS MY BATMAN! This shows that Batman really is simply just a guy. Not a god, not a cyborg, just a guy. *A really rich guy*

Flash and Cyborg

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Seeing Flash and Cyborg get important roles in the film and seeing both of their stories was awesome. The two of them had some of the best moments in the whole film. The cool thing about their characters is that out of the whole Justice League they are the most relatable. They bring some humanity to the group. The scene where Cyborg says “I am not broken, and I am not alone” was one of the best scenes of the whole film. Not too mention that AMAZING scene where Flash reverses time and basically saves the world. I can’t wait to see the standalone Flash film that will explore flashpoint. Hopefully we can see more of Ray Fisher’s Cyborg on the big screen in the future.

Jared Leto’s Joker


As a huge Batman fan and an even bigger Joker fan, the Knightmare scene during the epilogue of the film really did it for me. The dialogue we got between the Joker and Batman is some of the best we’ve ever gotten between the two. Jared Leto’s Joker has 110% been redeemed. What elevates this scene so much is the sense of legacy. You get the feeling that the two of them have known each other for years and have gone through so much together over those years. Joker referring to killing Robin and Batman referring to killing Harley Quinn was intense. We need more of Affleck and Leto together as Batman and Joker. Even if we don’t get Affleck and Leto together again, I would love to see more of Leto’s Joker. It is rumored there is a standalone film centered around Leto’s Joker which I think fans will now REALLY be lobbying for after what we saw in the Snyder Cut.

Martian Manhunter!


MARTIAN MANHUNTER HAS ARRIVED! We get our first glimpse at him after we see Martha Kent leave Lois Lane’s apartment and we find out that Martian Manhunter was disguised as Martha. He looks amazing in live action. Growing up watching the Justice League animated shows, Martian Manhunter was one of my favorites. So seeing him finally in live action was an awesome experience. The scene he also had in the epilogue talking to Bruce Wayne about joining the Justice League was phenomenal.


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After finishing the Snyder Cut, I was left with many thoughts. One of my main thoughts was that WB and DC need to restore the Snyderverse. There are so many possibilities and different stories to be told from the Snyder Cut. Some ideas I have are a Martian Manhunter film or series that goes over the decades he has been on earth. Ben Affleck Batman solo film or series. Ray Fisher’s Cyborg solo film or series. Man of Steel 2. A whole series dedicated to the Knightmare timeline. Justice League two & three. The chances of any of these projects actually happening are very low, but we thought we would never see the Snyder Cut and I am currently writing about it after viewing it. So never say never!

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