The WWE Return of Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes changed the wrestling business forever. From late 2016 up until around the beginning of 2020, Rhodes was the face of independent wrestling and pretty much any wrestling outside of the WWE. He was the face of the entire revolution that led to the creation of AEW. Rhodes was granted his release from theContinue reading “The WWE Return of Cody Rhodes”

Tony Khan Working on “Massive” Announcement for AEW

Tony Khan is reportedly working on making yet another big announcement for AEW. Over the past few weeks there has constantly been big news surrounding the company. Cody and Brandi Rhodes not re-signing, the signing of Keith Lee, and NJPW star Jay White making multiple appearances on AEW TV. We’re two weeks removed from AEWContinue reading “Tony Khan Working on “Massive” Announcement for AEW”

Cody Rhodes Leaves AEW, Set for WWE Return

Article written by Dylan McGuire Devine (2/15/22) HUGE news broke this morning regarding the future of Cody Rhodes. We have known for some time now that Rhodes AEW contract had expired and his future with the company was unknown, but nobody was really sure what was next for Rhodes. Well, now we know what RhodesContinue reading “Cody Rhodes Leaves AEW, Set for WWE Return”