The Downfall of WWE?

Article written by Dylan McGuire Devine (8/7/21)

I have been pushing this article off for some time now hoping that WWE would get their shit together, but I can’t push this off anymore. Someone needs to talk about the problems this company has.

I am going to be very honest and blunt with my thoughts and feelings in this article which leads me to my first topic. The WWE simply just sucks and in my opinion it has sucked for awhile now. Don’t get me wrong, they have had plenty of great moments, feuds, matches, etc… over the past let’s say two years and I have had many cool moments as a fan. But it is nothing like it used to be.

Monday Night Raw is dog shit. I try tuning in every Monday Night just like I have done for the past 10+ years now, but I end up turning it off around 45 minutes in because I just can’t watch it anymore. It is stale and simply just mediocre compared to what it used to be. The matches are nothing special and it feels like we get the same matches repeatedly, the storylines suck, and the segments typically suck as well. I have nothing positive to say about Raw anymore. The problem is bad creative. These writers WWE currently have are terrible. Now this is just my honest opinion. This doesn’t mean it is true that they are terrible, but as a lifelong wrestling fan this is just how I feel.

NXT is the best thing the WWE has had going for quite awhile now. Typically the best matches, the best talent, and the best storylines. But guess what? After WWE released a bunch of NXT talent yesterday, rumors are going around the Mr. McMahon is pissed that AEW has been beating NXT as of late in viewership and he wants NXT to end or have drastic changes. This is absolutely ABSURD. It really shows how out of touch with the audience Vince is. It is insane to think that this is something CM Punk said ten years ago and it still rings true to this day. NXT is the only WWE program I can typically consistently keep up with and enjoy. Hearing that it is possible that it could end, is quite upsetting and aggravating. But then again, as a WWE fan I am used to the company aggravating and upsetting me with their bullshit decisions all the time.

Friday Night SmackDown is good. Not great, not bad, but good. They have heavily run the show through Roman Reigns over the past year and it has worked, but there is going to come a time when it wont work anymore. Because the fans will get tired of the same shit every week and it will become stale. That is just how wrestling works.

One problem WWE has is having legends return and defeat their young talent for literally no damn reason. Goldberg is a perfect example. If you bring back a big name legend to your weekly show, it should be to put over young talent. Just how Edge has done. Just how Cena has done and is about to do with Reigns.

Another big problem they have is shady business decisions. They have always been like this, but this past year has really shown how shady they can be. The amount of great talent they have released for no reason since the pandemic began is ridiculous. They always claim it is due to “budget cuts” but we all know damn well that is not true. They have been the most profitable they have ever been even through the pandemic and have made pretty much more money than they ever have. It is bullshit.

WWE needs to get their shit together ASAP. I have been saying this for a long time now, but it is really about to reach a breaking point. AEW is red hot and is continuously bringing in big name talent that will make them even bigger and more popular. Vince claims it isn’t a competition between the WWE and AEW, and it really isn’t. Because AEW blows WWE out of the water regarding the quality of their product.

It is rumored a big reason why WWE is releasing so much talent is because Vince is looking to sell the company. I am not quite sure what this would mean or how things would change, but I just wanted to include that rumor as it could be a big deal. This still doesn’t change the fact that we could be watching the downfall of the WWE right now.

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