The Return of CM Punk

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Article written by Dylan McGuire Devine (7/21/21)

I know, I know. It seems like at least once a year I am talking about the possibility of CM Punk making a return to wrestling. But this time there is a high possibility this is for real. One of the most reliable sources in wrestling, Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful Wrestling reported earlier today that Punk has been in talks to make an in ring return.

This report has the wrestling community BUZZING. There have been rumors all over the place of Punk making an in ring return pretty much since his departure from the WWE in January of 2014. These rumors have never ended up being true and we haven’t seen Punk wrestle since 2014. He has said multiple times over the years that he has been open to making a return and has been open to talking to anyone but nothing has happened. Until today. In Sapp’s report he states that the company that Punk is talking to is All Elite Wrestling. That is HUGE news and if this truly does happen, it will without a doubt change the business forever. I have been a CM Punk fan since I was nine years old and he is without one of my all-time favorites. While it would be awesome to see Punk return to the WWE and have one last run, the fan in me believes him going to AEW would be for the best.

Punk would have way more creative freedom to do what he wants in AEW and he wouldn’t be on a crazy schedule like he would be if he went to WWE. The possibilities for fresh matchups would be endless. AEW is on fire right now and adding Punk to their roster would be insane. He would without a doubt immediately be wrestling’s biggest draw if he debuts with AEW. The big question right now is when would he show up in AEW? We obviously do not have the official answer to that question yet, but my bet would be at AEW’s All Out PPV in September. It is taking place in Punk’s hometown of Chicago so it would be the perfect event to have him show up at.

If this report of Punk going to AEW truly does come true, it will be the biggest gamechanger in recent memory. The “war” between AEW and WWE would be over IMO. Adding Punk to an already stacked AEW roster that has been doing better numbers then WWE as of late would be the final touch.

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