The Return of John Cena

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Article written by Dylan McGuire Devine (5/29/21)

According to Dave Meltzer, John Cena is set to finally make his long awaited WWE return on the July 16th edition of Friday Night SmackDown. This SmackDown will be the first event that will bring back fan-filled arenas. It makes sense to have one of the WWE’s biggest stars of all time to return in front of a fan-filled arena. It will be full of die hard wrestling fans that have been waiting over a year to be back at a wrestling event (not including WrestleMania 37).

What does this mean for Cena though? Will it just be a one off appearance or could he be wrestling again? The rumors swirling around currently are that Cena will instantly inserted into a feud with WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. Reigns has been the top dog in the WWE for awhile now and has been the best thing going in the company. What a Reigns vs. Cena feud could do for the WWE would be HUGE. The current rumor is that this feud will reach it’s climax at the biggest wrestling event of the summer, SummerSlam. With the return of live audiences, Cena will be a huge draw for fans coming back.

Reigns is Cena’s best option for a return match IMO. It could really be a passing of the torch type of moment when Reigns defeats Cena. Could Cena defeat Reigns to win his record breaking 17th world title? Possible, but unlikely. My thought is that the WWE is currently planning on having Reigns hold the title through WrestleMania 38. Who could he face at Mania 38? My current bet is on The Rock. I believe Reigns will have plenty of big matches up until next April with Cena likely being the first of many. Brock Lesnar returning to face Reigns honestly may even be in the cards right now, but we’ll have to just wait and see. The story that Cena and Reigns can tell would be fantastic. I think we’re all excited to see how these rumors play out. It will be great to see Cena back no matter who he faces.

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