Top 10 NBA offseason transactions

Written by Nick Papa

*This is in no particular order*

1. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving sign with the Brooklyn Nets

In the 2018-2019 season the Brooklyn Nets finished in 6th place in the Eastern conference and showed signs of having a bright future. Now with the addition of Kyrie Irving with a great amount of depth around him this team could make it to the semifinals and when KD returns a finals visit could be imminent.

2. Al Horford heads to Philly

Al horford is known as one of the best defensive players in the league and now he is playing alongside Joel Embiid. With these two defending the rim and Josh Richardson patrolling the perimeter this team could be set for a run this upcoming season.

3. Houston trades CP3 for Russel Westbrook

The walking triple double machine Russel Westbrook has been reunited with his former OKC running mate James harden and a already good Houston team just got better in a wide open west.

4. Anthony Davis gets his wish

In the middle of the 2018-2019 season Anthony Davis demanded a trade with the La Lakers as his top destination. Months later Davis got his wish to play with LeBron and the pelicans got young assets in Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Josh Hart. Both teams will see benefits from this trade in the future with the Lakers being championship contender and the Pelicans building a young squad that could run the west in a couple of years.

5. Miami acquires Jimmy Butler

The team culture of the Miami Heat lured Jimmy Butler down south to play with Young and improving players. Miami is a team that wants to win now and they are looking for pieces to make them a championship contender.

6. Quiet Kawhi

We waited a long time for Kawhi Leonard’s free agency decision but when he decided to sign with the LA Clippers it was kinda unexpected. We were told multiple times that the Lakers were the front runner but it turns out he played them and caused them to miss out on some big free agents.

7. Paul George is coming home

Maybe the biggest shock of the summer is when Paul George was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the LA Clippers for draft picks and 2 players. It turns out Kawhi Leonard was recruiting him throughout free agency to get him to LA. The clippers are going to be a very scary team this season especially on the defensive end. Expect a Conference Finals appearance at the least.

8. OKC hauls in draft picks

As of right now OKC has a great rebuilding plan as they have the possibility of owning 17 drafts over the next few years. They can not only use these picks to draft great players but flip them into assets to help them win. No doubt that this Thunder team will be a them bottom of the league for years but the future could be bright.

9. Celtics get Kemba

Kemba Walker has been in a not so good situation In Charlotte for a long time but now with the Celtics he has a chance to win. He fits the system better than Kyrie and is more of a team first type of guy. He may actually be the perfect fit for a Celtics team looking to bounce back from a hectic year of struggles.

10. Ring chasing Cousins

Demarcus Cousins was known as one of the best centers in the league before he tore his achilles two seasons ago. He returned with the GoldenState Warriors and didn’t get to prove much but he has a second chance for greatness with the LA Lakers. Boogie is reuniting with Anthony Davis and could become that all star player he once was. It’s not even a gamble for the Lakers as they got him on a cheap deal in a win now situation.

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