Top Five 2K’s of All Time


Written by Nicolas Papa 8-22-20

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1) NBA 2K11

For years the NBA2K franchise was behind NBA Live which is run by EA. But after the failure of NBA Elite the door was opened for 2K to takeover and they haven’t looked back since. 2K11 is what brought the 2K franchise back to relevance by featuring legendary players such as Micheal Jordan and creating great game modes such as MyCareer.

2) NBA 2K16

NBA 2K16 gave us arguably the greatest MyCareer storyline ever with our player ‘Freq’ and his best friend Victor Van Lier. The MyPark game mode was the best ever with unique rep rewards such as earning a pet tiger. The feeling of going home after a long day of school and booting up this game will forever be undefeated.

3) NBA 2K17

I personally wasn’t a big fan of NBA 2K17 but it’s hard to hate on the last great 2K. The recent games have been a step down from one of 2Ks greatest hits. 2K17 was the last game with park affiliations which has been greatly missed over the last 3 games. The MyTeam mode was at its peak without the need of micro-transactions to succeed. MyCareer was great once again with your MyPlayer ‘Prez’ taking the center stage along with running mate Justise Young to form Orange Juice. Unique archetypes and a grand badge specific to your archetype were also introduced to the game. Overall the game was great and playable up until the next release.

4) NBA 2K13

I loved this game as a kid simply due to the fact of how stacked each team was. When playing online anyone was able to compete, the deep customization of the MyCareer mode made for a fun time as always. Our first look at the MyTeam series that many have come to love was in this game. We also can’t forget about the prospect of having the Dream Team face off against the 2012 USA squad.

5) NBA 2K14

I’ve got to admit it’s hard not to include NBA 2K15 on this list. I personally loved the game even with all the bugs, but NBA 2K14 needs to be on this list. I don’t believe that this game ever gets the credit it deserves because many didn’t get a chance to play on a next gen console (PS4 or XBOX One) The LeBron path to greatness mode was extremely underrated, with the choice of either staying with Miami to build a dynasty or leave and create an unmatched legacy like no other. MyPark was introduced on next gen consoles along with a revamped MyTeam mode giving the game a new look overall.

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