Top Five Center Overall Predictions


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1) Joel Embiid

Overall Prediction: 94

Embiid has been one of the best centers if not the best for years now. The only argument against him are the constant injuries, besides that Embiid is your classic big man with an added on outside touch. I do believe Jokic is better but realistically 2K would put Embiid ahead.

2) Nikola Jokic

Overall Prediction: 92

The man they call the Joker is one of the most dynamic centers in NBA history. His playmaking ability along with his shooting and finishing makes him the best center in the NBA today. Jokic is great to play with in 2K and I expect to see big things from him in 2K21.

3) Rudy Gobert

Overall Prediction: 89

Rudy Gobert is a 2-Time NBA defensive player of the year and has proven to be a dominant force inside. He’s one of those players that clog the lane and force you to take jumpers when he’s in the game. He isn’t the most exciting player to play with on 2K but expect him to get many blocks at any given time.

4) Karl Anthony Towns

Overall Prediction: 89

KAT is an under appreciated big man in the league. He can dominate from inside to out with his unique jump shooting ability. I would say 89 is a fair rating for the young center who struggles on defense and has been labeled as soft by many.

5) Bam Adebayo

Overall Prediction: 88

I truly believe that Bam Adebayo can be on top of this list in the future if he develops a consistent jump shot. The form is already there he just needs to knock them down. Bam has made waves in his 3rd season for playing terrific defense from 1-5 and being able to dribble and pass the ball like a point guard. He isn’t as effective in 2K due to his size and lack of shooting but he could still make an impact.

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