WandaVision Theories


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Article written by Dylan Devine (10/9/20)

The series will introduce the Young Avengers

In the trailer for WandaVision there are two shots involving children. One where the couple is seen holding two babies, and the other with Wanda and Vision standing over two cribs. I believe these two babies are Wiccan and Speed. The children of Wanda and Vision. If this is somehow true, I believe this would help lead to a new Young Avengers series or movie.

Wanda somehow brought Vision back to life

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I have seen people have theories that this series is really just a glimpse inside the mind of Wanda and none of it is real, but I disagree to an extent. I think that Wanda did everything in her power to somehow bring Vision back to life. I believe somehow Vision is really alive again. Whether it is from a multiverse as it is rumored Doctor Strange will be featured in the series, or if Wanda recreated Vision using her mind stone powers. Vision is definitely going to be alive for real. The only SLIGHT possibility I see of him not being alive, is that he is literally just a vision in Wanda’s mind. That would be crazy and Kevin Feige has said this series is one of the craziest things Marvel has ever done, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Doctor Strange officially opens up the multiverse

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The next Doctor Strange movie is titled “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”. This basically means a multiverse will finally be introduced in the MCU. I think Strange will somehow open a multiverse in the WandaVision series to help bring back Vision.

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