What Star Wars Means To Me


Article written by Dylan Devine (10/10/20)

For the past 13 years, Star Wars has been a huge part of my life. At the age of five years old I was introduced to the Star Wars universe. I began playing the “Lego Star Wars” video game on the original XBOX and was hooked. This leaves us in 2007, two years after Revenge of the Sith was released in theatres and three years after the first DVD box set of the original trilogy was released. Now it was time for me to be introduced to the movies. I remember just putting in those DVD’s into my families DVD player and watching them over and over again. I definitely watched them out of order, but I remember the standout movie for me always being Revenge of the Sith. I loved that movie so much and to this day it is still my favorite Star Wars movie. I had all the toys, the posters, bed sets, lightsabers, and even had an Anakin Skywalker cardboard cutout standee in my room. Anakin was my hero during this time and for quite a few years. Then 2008 rolled around and the hit cartoon series “Star Wars The Clone Wars” was released on Cartoon Network. As a now seven year old who already loved Star Wars and also loved cartoons, this was perfect for me. Every week and every episode was a new adventure for me to watch and feel like I was apart of. My big thing with Star Wars and why it means so much to me is that it really just takes me to a whole different world. When I am watching the movies, the TV shows, YouTube videos, playing the video games, or even reading the comics I feel like I am apart of the Star Wars universe. I know I am not the only one that feels this way as that feeling is why so many people love Star Wars. I have been through a lot in my 18 years of life. I always had Star Wars to lean on whenever I was feeling down or going through something. It would get my mind off of whatever I had going on and I would feel like I was apart of this whole different universe. I never get tired of being entertained by the stories and all of the things that come with Star Wars. Same with the characters. There is SO MUCH Star Wars and there is something for everybody. I am someone who grew up with plenty of different interests and hobbies and they all would come and go and change frequently. The two things that have really stuck with me my whole life are Star Wars and sports. Star Wars means so much to me. It is way more then just a movie series. I relate myself to certain characters and like I said previously, it takes me away from the real world and puts me into a whole different world. As the years go on my love and appreciation for Star Wars will never change. There is so much to look forward to with all of the new series, games, comics, and movies coming out and I can’t wait.

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