Boston Celtics Missing Piece


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Article written by Dylan Devine (2/5/21)

The Boston Celtics are currently sitting at fourth in the eastern conference with a record of 11-9. They have shown struggles on both sides of the ball and have had some pretty bad games as of late. They mainly are struggling defensively along with rebounding. Brad Stevens has shown frustration as he feels like the effort on defense simply just hasn’t been there. I think all Celtics fans can agree with Stevens. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are balling out, but it’s not winning games because a majority of the team are having struggles. Tristan Thompson has been a bit of a disappointment thus far, Daniel Theis is not doing good at all, Kemba Walker just came back from injury and is also not doing too good. They also really need to improve their bench and add some shooters as JB and JT can’t be the only shooters on the team. The way the Celtics are looking right now leads me to believe they’ll honestly either be a second-round exit or will get eliminated in the ECF. I think they really are just one or two pieces away from being legitimate championship contenders.

What can the Celtics do to get their identity back? What can they do to become legitimate finals contenders?


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The best option for the Celtics IMO is to acquire Andre Drummond. They have a burning hole in their pocket with the TPE they got from the Gordon Hayward trade and need to use it to improve the team. I don’t think they’ll make this move during the current season, but maybe they will do it this coming off-season. Doing a sign and trade with Cleveland for Drummond would be perfect for Boston. Drummond will fix their rebounding problems as he leads the league in rebounds per game (14.6) . He also would finally give them someone on defense to guard big men in the post/on the inside which the Celtics lack currently. Having a big three of Tatum, Brown, and Drummond would dominate.

Nikola Vucevic and/or Aaron Gordon

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It is being reported that Nikola Vucevic and Aaron Gordon are on the Celtics radar. Now this is just a rumor, but it is actually a very logical move for Boston. Both Gordon and Vucevic are fantastic players and Vucevic is an all-star. They both would bring help on defense and rebounding which is a key for the Celtics to become legitimate contenders. The rumored trade package for Gordon and Vucevic would be Kemba Walker, Romeo Langford, Grant Williams, Daniel Theis, a future first round pick, and a future second round pick. I think that would be perfect for Boston. Have the starting lineup be Smart, Brown, Tatum, Gordon, and Vucevic. That is a DOMINANT starting five right there.

Harrison Barnes

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The Celtics need to add a shooter/shooters. Boston needs wing sized players who can shoot, pass, and play defense better than Semi Ojeleye, Jeff Teague, and Grant Williams. Harrison Barnes could be the answer. He does a lot more than just shooting the ball and could be very valuable to the Celtics. I believe he’d be a perfect fit and could be a big help for them. I don’t necessarily think he is the “missing piece” and feel like they would still need to add one or two solid players, but Barnes would definitely be a big help for Boston.

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