Who’s Behind the TVA?

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Article written by Dylan McGuire Devine (7/2/21)

After this past weeks episode four, we are officially getting towards the endgame of the Loki Disney+ series. What an episode episode four was. In my opinion, that was the best episode yet out of all of the MCU Disney+ shows thus far. The episode ended on a huge cliffhanger leaving fans to theorize what is next.

After Sylvie beheaded one of the timekeepers we found out that they all were just robots, obviously being controlled by someone bigger. It is also made obvious that Ravonna Renslayer is answering to a higher up as well. Who could this person possibly be? My theory is that it is going to be none other than Kang The Conqueror. Out of all of the big villain’s that are set to be appearing in future MCU projects he would be the perfect choice.

Kang The Conqueror is synonymous with time travel. Evil time travel to be exact. Multiverses, time traveling, variants, and timelines are kind of his thing actually. Along with him being synonymous with evil time travel, in comics he has a relationship with Ravonna Renslayer so it would make sense that the two are connected and are possibly running the TVA together. Having Kang be the big villain who created and who is behind the TVA would be the perfect introduction to him before his main appearance being the big villain in Ant Man and The Wasp : Quantumania.

On another note, we likely will see the multiverse officially opened by the end of this season. We saw the end credit scene in episode four show Loki in an unknown location surrounded by more variants of himself from different timelines, which all but guarantees this will be the beginning of the multiverse in the MCU. We have two episodes left in this season so we will have to wait and see who is truly behind the TVA and if the multiverse will officially be opened.

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