Will CM Punk Wrestle Again?


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Article written by Dylan Devine (7/20/20)

CM Punk is widely regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and is without a doubt one of the most known/popular wrestlers ever. The matches and stories that Punk was apart of from 2010 to 2013 were some of the best things WWE has put out in recent history. Punk abruptly walked away from the WWE in 2014 due to a variety of issues that I discussed in a past article I wrote about Punk in 2018. https://thesportscoops.com/cm-punk/ . After leaving WWE, Punk ventured out into trying a career in the UFC. That did not end well for him as he went 0-2 and got pummeled in both of his fights. He last fought in June of 2018. Punk took some time off and we didn’t hear much from him for the rest of 2018 and through the beginning of 2019. Then out of no where in October of 2019 wrestling fans were shocked when rumors started swirling that he had a meeting with FOX and was working towards a deal with them. FOX had just gotten the rights to WWE’s show “Friday Night Smackdown” so this was a surprise for everyone that there was a possibility Punk could be somehow involved with WWE again. November rolled around and FOX put out a show on Tuesday’s called “WWE Backstage”. In their second episode CM Punk returned and came out at the end of the episode and made a statement saying ” Just when they think they have all the answers, I change the culture”. Wrestling fans everywhere was shocked. Punk’s return was so out of nowhere and nobody expected it to happen that way. So many questions arose and Punk answered all of those questions the following week with Renae Young. I will provide the link to this interview at the bottom of the page. The main question that was on everyone’s mind was if this meant a full on WWE return was imminent for Punk. In Punk’s interview with Renae Young he made it crystal clear that he was not working with WWE and was exclusively working with FOX, that he hadn’t even talked to WWE yet at that point in time. When Young asked him the question of if we’d see him in a WWE ring again Punk basically gave a never say never type of answer. He said an in ring return isn’t something he’s actively pursuing or interested in, but he knows to not say no. Basically there’s a chance we could see him return but there’s also a chance we never see him in the WWE again. I think that if the money is right, and what they want him to do is right then there’s a high possibility down the road we could see Punk back in a WWE ring. Bret Hart, Ultimate Warrior, and Bruno Sammartino were all guys that had huge blow ups with the company but ultimately returned home at some point. Punk is 41 and will be turning 42 in October. When this pandemic is over I personally think that WWE needs to finally reach out to Punk and talk their issues out. It’s time for him to come back home after six years of turmoil. With the way he keeps himself in shape, I personally believe Punk has a few more great matches in him and I’m sure he believes that too. The possibilities are endless with the talented roster WWE has currently. Hopefully when the world goes back to normal we can see CM Punk back in a WWE ring.

CM Punk’s return on WWE Backstage.

Punk’s interview with Renae Young on WWE Backstage.

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