Would The Heat Be Able To Stop Tatum?


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Article written by Dylan Devine (8/20/20)

This season the Boston Celtics are 2-1 against the Miami Heat and have the possibility of facing them in the ECF. Today I will be exploring that possibility and what I believe would happen. Both Boston and Miami have teams full of young guys and a bunch of dogs. Boston has stars in Tatum, Walker, Brown, Hayward, and Smart. Then Miami has got guy like Butler, Adebayo, Robinson, and Herro. This would be a fantastic matchup to watch and I think it could definitely go seven games if it were to happen. But would Miami come out on top? I don’t believe they would. I think they’d have a real problem stopping Tatum. All the other matchups would be good, but either Derrick Jones Jr or Jae Crowder would be tasked with covering Tatum and that is an obvious advantage for Tatum. The Heat have proven to be a great defensive team in the NBA and they have some fantastic defenders, but Tatum this season has proven to be almost un-guardable at times. I think he would for sure give Miami a run for their money, and would dominate that series. Boston struggled this season stopping Jimmy Butler as he put up 20+ points in both of the games he played against the Celtics which could also be a factor. But if we’re really talking about Tatum vs. the Heat and if they could stop him, I really don’t think they would be able to. I don’t believe he would look like MJ against them, but they wouldn’t give him any different big problems. If they switch around who guards who and Spoelstra maybe puts Bam or Butler on him it could be a different story. I would absolutely love to see this series happen. We’ll just have to stay tuned and see if both the Celtics and Heat can go against all odds and meet up in the ECF.

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