Young Luke In the Kenobi Series?


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Article written by Dylan Devine (4/11/21)

The Kenobi series is set ten years after the events of Revenge of the Sith. This means we’ll finally see an older Obi-Wan Kenobi in exile on Tatooine. Not quite as old as Sir Alec Guiness was in A New Hope, but he will be around 48-50 years old. This would make Luke Skywalker ten years old during this timeline. The main reason that Kenobi decided to stay in exile on Tatooine was to look over Luke Skywalker from afar.

Last week Lucasfilm revealed a picture full of some of the cast for the upcoming Kenobi series. Two standout actors from that picture were Joel Edgerton and Bonnie Piesse. Joel portrayed a young Uncle Owen and Bonnie portrayed a young Aunt Beru in the prequel trilogy (Episode two and three respectively). Owen and Beru were Anakin Skywalker’s step siblings and were tasked with being the “parents” of Luke Skywalker to hide him from the Empire (specifically Vader and the Emperor. The confirmation that Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru will be appearing in the Kenobi series all but confirms that we will be seeing a young Luke Skywalker in this series. As the timeline of the Kenobi series is set ten years after episode three, this would make Luke ten years old.

In comics there have been events where Luke tied into the happenings of Kenobi’s adventures, which is a possible way we could see Luke in this series. There is the possibility that we will even not see him directly and we will just see him from afar or in the background during Kenobi’s adventures on Tatooine. The other possibility is that we will see Kenobi directly interact with the Lars family and Luke but will not reveal who he truly is. There were a few interactions between Kenobi and Uncle Owen in comics with Owen not wanting Kenobi anywhere near Luke so I think it is a higher possibility that we will see the two of them interact over an interaction with young Luke. This is all just pure speculation but regardless, I believe we will for sure be seeing a young Luke Skywalker in some way in this series. Even if it is just the silhouette of a little boy in some scene or even the boy looking at Tatooine’s twin suns similar to Luke’s scene in A New Hope. This Kenobi series is going to be very special. Star Wars fans have been waiting years for something like this to be put out. I personally believe it will be the best Star Wars project Disney has put out.

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